About Me

Hanna Gasanova

An artist with 20 years of experience as an architect.

I was educated in architecture at the University of Azerbaijan in the Department of Architecture and Constraction in Baku, Azerbaijan. I have designed houses, large residential areas and villas. I have lived in Sweden since January 2002. In 2008, I studied at the civil engineering program at Örebro University. I also studied pedagogy at Medborgarskolan Örebro. I have worked in pedagogy for many years. My artistic career began in 2005 and many national and international exhibitions have followed since. In 2014, I opened Ateljé Hanna Gasanova. I exhibited my paintings there and taught courses in acrylic painting. I was selected for an International Grand Museum Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MoCA Beijing) entitled "The Crossroads of the World: Constructing Visual Meanings in Contemporary Art" organized by Pashmin Art Consortia of Hamburg and MoCA Beijing. The project resulted in a museum exhibition in Beijing, China, 2019.

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