Ateljé Interiör 2

I opened “Studio Hanna Gasanova” in 2014 where I exhibited paintings and worked with courses in acrylic painting.

Teaching in a studio is a way of teaching that can be used to replace the standard lecture method. Courses in painting are adapted to different ages. It is based on sound educational principles, is very flexible, is popular among students, and leads to a fast and effective learning. The students get the opportunity to practice to invent and experiment, which develops unique individual characteristics of each student.

Ateljé gave me the opportunity to exhibit my art and teach acrylic painting. My paintings served as teaching materials and helped the students to learn different techniques and color combinations. The workspace where the students worked was a centered and open environment. It let them communicate with each other, help each other and inspire each other while they were working.

“Studio Hanna Gasanova” received the visitors who wanted to get to know my art. It was an open exhibition where everyone could come in during the days, and even in the evenings. Exhibitions in my studio gave me the opportunity to communicate with the spectators and receive their comments. I told them about my ideas and inspirations, answered their questions and explained principles and rules in composition, color choice and motives for each of my paintings. The communication between the visitors and me was greatly appreciated.

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