Ateljé Hanna Gasanova

The Project:

“To understand the World you must first understand  Yourself”

Purpose of the Project:

What do I want to Achieve?

I`m an artist who is inspired by the colors of the seasons. Colors are an important part of my Art.

Initially being trained in Architecture major, I studied at the University of Azerbaijan in the department of Architecture and Constractions in my hometown of Baku, Azerbaijan.
I began my career as a full-time visual artist in 2005. Living with artworks has a special meaning for me.
But after a few years of being an active artist, I felt that I miss architecture. I missed the process of developing and visualization of ideas, playing with shapes, making sketches and drawins.
After som pondering, the idea of working on a Project which could bring the two beautiful realms of Architecture and Decorative Art together, came to my mind. By putting together shapes, rhythm, light and colors, I tried to create the stories that radiate energy and power. I have tried to open my inner world where passion for architecture and art is the driving force that has inspired me to bring Architecture and Decorative Art together.

The Project gives me great opportunity to create my Narrative Art with stories of Beautiful places, events, experiences and feelings. To understand the World you must first understand yourself; that is meaning and purpose of my Project.

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Concept I : Architecture meets Decorative Art

Concept II : Free to be Myself

Concept III : Free to Act

The International Project

You can make a difference.

The museum’s exhibition project:

“The Crossroads of the World”

In November 2018, through Monitoring-Surveillance, I was selected as an International Project, “The Crossroads of the World” which works with Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.

About the Exhibition

Pashmin Art Gallery selected artists for a museum project that opened in the spring of 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in China. The theme of the exhibition is “The Crossroad of the World”. This exhibition shows how influential art can bring cultures together for friendship between different cultures. This will help us get a better world for future generations. The purpose of the exhibition is to begin the intellectual and artistic exchange between different cultures and continue to contribute to this cultural exchange in the future.

About Hanna Gasanova

Hanna Gasanova is a trained architect with 20 years of experience as an architect. She has designed many houses, large residential areas and villas. She had her architectural education in Baku, Azerbaijan. She lives in Sweden since
January 2002 and is inspired by Sweden ́s beautiful nature. She has been artistically active since 2005.

She continued her university college education at Örebro University. Afterwards, she took pedagogical courses at Medborgarskolan center which strengthened her pedagogical and supervising skills. During 2014-2015 she worked in her studio, exhibited her acrylic paintings and taught courses in acrylic painting. Through the years, she has worked pedagogically with both adults and children and has taught acrylic painting and interior architecture & design. She was a member of Konst Runt Möckeln until April 2018. She is a member of The Art of Sweden Örebro and Svensk Form Örebro.

Below you'll find the paintings I exhibited

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